Bronia West - Clairvoyant Medium

I will endeavour to assist and support anyone who comes seeking to progress with their understanding/awareness of self and spirit. When I first started out the journey 20 years ago I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by many who have shared and encouraged my growth on my spiritual pathway.

I am now able to share this knowledge through dedication, upliftment and laughter right from the beginning stages of awareness groups, circles, tarot, philosophy, Crystals, Spiritual Weekend development groups and more!

Each and every one of us never stops learning, growing and understanding how we work with our own unique spirit and also the spirit world. Contact myself if you wish to develop your potential in anyway. Whatever you perceive your level of ability or interest to be each and every one of us has the potential to blossom and grow from the seeds that each one of us plants.

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About Bronia West

Quick Facts

Bronia Jane West


Tarot Consultant, Tutor & Clairvoyant Medium



Crystal Practitioner Diploma CH(SVA)


Norwich, Norfolk, UK



News & Events
Fundraising For Charities

Clairvoyant events can also be a great fundraiser for charities bringing much needed finances to purchase that little extra for schools, playgroups, football clubs who struggle to keep running as a charitable organisation along with donations that have also been given to Big C and Woman's Refuge bringing awareness and support.


My goals for each and every one are the following: Enhancing, Encouraging, Progression, Understanding, Empathy, Support, Upliftment, Motivation, Loyalty, Passion and Smiles! Assisting growth and potential from each unique individual whether on a one to one, group or spiritual development weekend I will work on your strengths and bring out the best in your enfoldment on your spiritual quest.

Anyone wishing to develop their potential within, expanding, exploring your understanding of spirit, then contact myself to assist with development on your pathway. There are many ways to develop and unlock the potential within, work and strengthen your knowledge on your strongest method and develop and explore your potential of mediumship, crystals, healing, Angelic, Philosophy, Tarot, Colour and more.....remember we are all unique and have our own way to blend and connect in the company of spirit.

Bronia West At Work