About Me

Bronia West – Spiritual Psychic Medium

I believe our own personality and the uniqueness of our very being, allows us to open and expand the mind, body, and spirit, you are awakening and igniting the flame within your soul. The very essence of the divine spark that gives us the zest to search for knowledge, truth and understanding. If we do not understand our own awareness, the energy of own our spirit, we cannot begin to understand the awareness and energy of others, both on the physical plane and those who reside in the spirit world.

I am a great believer that our sensitivity and heightened awareness is contained in the very core of our being, A creator, the energy, the God Force that resides and resonates within your soul of personal belief system, this is the unique universal energy and power of your spirit.

Working in my truth, along with sincerity of motive I have a passion to encourage each soul to radiate and shine, allowing us to be the light in other people’s darkness. Since my journeys unfolding in 1990 (and well before then as I can recall events I experienced and was part of my childhood). There is always something new to experience through our sensitivity of sight, feeling, sensing, and knowing that it feels right. I am a great believer of unlocking the awareness of the spirit and I have produced an inspirational card deck. “The Awakening of Your Spirit” where each card can be a focus and message for what you truly seek.

As the querent, we never stop learning and the key to success of the balance of Spirituality can be found in our everyday living. True philosophy comes from within, the wisdom of the seer always striving to be the best that they can be. To be of service, to be of love and to feel peace is the joy of living to simply be present in the moment of capturing the beauty and love of self.

I believe that everyone should find their own blend of working with the spirit. We are all unique and will be working with the spirit and individuals in many different levels. Our frequency and vibration is paramount in all we do, as the saying goes “Like attracts like” the universe has heard your call!

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Tarot Consultant, Crystal Healer (Diploma)CHSVA/ and I feel blessed where I studied with the Spiritual Venturers Association to obtain my Diploma in crystal Healing. This was founded by Edmund Harold who was a trance medium and linked the clear quartz crystal to trance mediumship. I am also a member of the ACHO Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisation.

Quick Facts

Bronia Jane West
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Tarot Consultant, Tutor & Clairvoyant Medium
Crystal Practitioner Diploma CH(SVA)


My goals for each and every one are the following: Enhancing, Encouraging, Progression, Understanding, Empathy, Support, Upliftment, Motivation, Loyalty, Passion and Smiles! Assisting growth and potential from each unique individual whether on a one to one, group or spiritual development weekend I will work on your strengths and bring out the best in your enfoldment on your spiritual quest.

Anyone wishing to develop their potential within, expanding, exploring your understanding of spirit, then contact myself to assist with development on your pathway. There are many ways to develop and unlock the potential within, work and strengthen your knowledge on your strongest method and develop and explore your potential of mediumship, crystals, healing, Angelic, Philosophy, Tarot, Colour and more…..remember we are all unique and have our own way to blend and connect in the company of spirit.

Bronia West