Developing one's awareness in all aspects of Spiritual interests, Mediumship, Healing, Colour, Philosophy, Crystal Healing & Development Groups/Weekends

Welcome to Bronia West

I will endeavour to assist and support anyone who comes seeking to progress with their understanding/awareness of self and spirit. When I first started out the journey 20 years ago I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by many who have shared and encouraged my growth on my spiritual pathway. I am now able to share this knowledge through dedication, upliftment and laughter right from the beginning stages of awareness groups, circles, tarot, philosophy, Crystals, Spiritual Weekend development groups and more!

Each and every one of us never stops learning, growing and understanding how we work with our own unique spirit and also the spirit world. Contact myself if you wish to develop your potential in anyway. Whatever you perceive your level of ability or interest to be each and every one of us has the potential to blossom and grow from the seeds that each one of us plants.

A sense of wellbeing inner peace and harmony is on the many benefits a crystal healing session can bring to self. Working in your own unique energy field and vibration that you can resonate with the crystals can assist through colour, energy and frequency of each healing property of mind, body and soul.

Crystal Healing

If you have an interest in the Tarot and would you like to switch on your awareness and develop with the cards unlocking your untapped potential within, this will enable you to bring greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding to you. Then please join me, Bronia West, in attending a monthly group where I will assist and guide you to bring about your own unique quality of your ability that lies within?

Tarot Classes

The monthly awareness and development group will give you an opportunity to experience self and spiritual awareness through meditation, psychic work, psychometry, understanding auras and chakkas, working with colour and much more through a hands on practical approach with blending and plenty of laughter.

Spiritual Development Groups

An evening of clairvoyance held in local establishments such as restaurants, hotels and social clubs, allows many people to come into a friendly, social environment where they feel comfortable allowing each individual to experience evidential information from the medium that our loved one continue to evolve and it gives comfort to many when they experience a message from the spirit world.

Clairvoyant Evenings