Tarot Classes & Tuition
With Bronia West

Have an interest in the Tarot? Would you like to switch on your awareness and unlock your untapped potential? Find out more about my Tarot Classes.

Spiritual Development Groups
(Online or In-person)

The monthly awareness and development group with Bronia West will give you an opportunity to experience self and spiritual awareness through meditation, psychic work, psychometry, understanding auras and chakras.

Evenings Of Mediumship
With Bronia West

An evening of mediumship held in local establishments such as restaurants, hotels and social clubs allowing each individual to experience evidential information from the medium that our loved one continue to evolve.

Crystal Healing

A complimentary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine.

The vibrations that each crystal carries has an energy and each gemstone can clear and balance the chakras (your energy centres in the bodies energy field). The crystals form in the earths crust and mantle and goes back thousands of years. Each crystal holds its own unique signature vibration and can assist with healing the mind body and soul bringing in a feeling of attunement, restore peace and harmony. It is said to help release emotions and blockages that we have within restoring a sense of wellbeing and balance.

The Hollistic Approach of energising, nurturing, blending in the energy of crystals with Bronia will assist with your life feeling lighter, brighter and feeling balanced.

A sense of wellbeing inner peace and harmony is on the many benefits a crystal healing session can bring to self. Working in your own unique energy field and vibration that you can resonate with the crystals can assist through colour, energy and frequency of each healing property of mind, body and soul.

Each person’s experience of the crystal healing will be individual, unique and energising, enhancing and assisting with your own pure individuality and that of the crystal energy.

For information and bookings please call 07990 526936 or contact Bronia West.

    5th November 2022
    Looking at the fool and the magician and what role they play in our lives and the spreads that we will be working with over the course of the day.

    • Saturday 5th November 2022
    • Event takes place online via Zoom
    • Workshop Capacity 12 people
    • 10.30am until 3pm (includes comfort breaks)
    • Workshop Cost – £50

    4th February 2023
    This Crystal Workshop will give you an opportunity to see if the crystal pathway is where your true vocation may lay.

    • Saturday 4th February 2023
    • Event Location in Norwich, Norfolk
    • Workshop Capacity 6 People
    • 10.30am Until 3pm (Includes Comfort Breaks)
    • Workshop Cost – £75

    Date TBC
    Join Bronia West for a practical, rewarding, uplifting and memorable day moving and being in the presence of your spirit team.

    • Event Date TBC
    • Event Takes Place Online Via Zoom
    • Workshop Capacity 12 People
    • 10.30am until 3pm (includes comfort breaks)
    • Workshop Cost – £50